ACGFA, P.O. Box 2001, St. Augustine, Fl 32085
President – Matt Morse,  Vice-President – Angie Ashton,  Treasurer – Ruth Jordan,  Secretary – Joyce Luker
Directors – Chip Whitfield (Past President), Terri Rothenhousler, Richie Van Kirk, Jason Schofield, Rick Mackey
and Russ Luker

Newsletter Editor - Jim Blalock - 904.501.144

CLUB Information:
Our Next Meeting: will be Tuesday, November 17th at the Shrine Club.  Election and Installation of the Officers and Board members will be during the General Meeting. Nominees for the new Board & Officers are listed below. The Board of Director’s meetings are listed on the address page of this newsletter.  Members are welcomed to the Board meeting.  We will also be presenting the donations from the Ancient City Challenge and the donations from the Pink Up the Spots event at this meeting.
Remember November is food collection month. We are only collecting non-perishable items.  Last year we were able to collect several hundred food items. We hope to collect even more this year so please remember to pick-up a couple of items for the collection. Donors will receive a ticket for each 4 non-perishable items they bring, drawings for a shirt will be for each 10 tickets given out.
Snacks will be prepared by Harold & Nancy Wishard.
Raffle: Jason & Regina will have a great raffle.  Also Joyce Luker is in charge of a special $5 raffle of a C&H Lures Fish Bag valued at $500 which will be drawn at the Christmas Party (you do not have to be present to win).
T-Shirts will be available, see Robert.
Last Month’s Meeting:

Membership Drawing will be $100 because Leroy Kinlaw, Sr was present for the $200 drawing last month. :<) You must be present to win! It pays to attend the meetings.

Raffle Winners: Tom Buckhalter X2, Betty Briggs X2, Megan Hopkins, Mark Hagan, Daniel Trantham, Krystal Jarriel, Kyle Eatman, Jimmy Tedder, Karri Thomas, John Jordan, David Ashton, Richie Van Kirk and Trudy Tedder

Nominations for Officers and Board for the 2015-2016 club officers and board members on the ballot are:  President - Matt Morse; Vice President - Russ Luker; Secretary - Joyce Luker; Treasurer - Ruth Jordan; Board Members (Vote for 5) -  Carmine Algeria, Kevin Baptiste, Becky Howell, Rick Mackey, Mike Ruff, Stephen Strickland, Chip Whitfield, Angie Ashton, James Gill, Justin Howell, Robert Olsen, Jason Schofield and Kevin Thomas. If you would like to nominate someone or if you would like to volunteer for one on these positions write-in nominations will be accepted from the floor. The person nominated must be present and willing to accept the position.

Next Months Meeting: Christmas Party - Saturday, December 12th  at the St. Augustine Shrine Club, 250 1st St.  What a deal; great food, gifts for the kids, “basket of cheer” and great raffle!!  Santa and Mrs. Claus will be there.  Come have fun with us!! Social at 5:00, Dinner 6:00, and Santa around 7:00.  Additional information and Sign-up sheets will be available at the November meeting for the name, age & sex of the children (12 and under), the number attending and what dish or dessert you will bring.

Fishing Information: 

October Angler-of-the-Month Mark Hagan, Jr,: Congratulations to October Angler-of-the- Month Mark Hagan, Jr,Mark caught a 17.55 lb Cobia - 1st place Men’s & largest of month, a 10.6 lb Dolphin - largest of month and a 2.15 lb Triple Tail - 1st place Men’s & largest of month,  for a total of 500 points. Great job Mark. There were 33 fish cards entered from 11 anglers this month. There were 10 species of fish entered.  Complete list is attached. Catches include cards received from September 30th thru October 29th.  Cards received after October 29th will count for the November Angler-of-the-Month.

In-Club Redfish Spots Tournament Oct 10th was cancelled due to lack of anglers.


Pick Up The Spots Tournament Oct 10th Results:

Place, weight, angler and payout:                     Largest Redfish:
                                                            1st - 6.30 lbs - Eddie Gatchell - $500
                                                            2nd - 6.05 lbs - Ronnie Hefferan - $375

3rd - 6.00 lbs - Billie Inman - $325

4th - 5.95 lbs - John Jordan - $275

5th - 5.90 lbs - Frederick Laager - $225

6th - 5.50 lbs - Rick Mackey - $150
7th -  5.40 lbs - Richard Gatchell - $100

8th - 4.95 lbs - Richie Van Kirk - $50

as of: 10/29/15__________________

1st - Fishaholic - Jerry Colvin - 500 Pts
2nd - Dragon Fly - Richie Van Kirk  -  400 Pts
3rd -  Six Pac - Stuart George  -  300 Pts


1st - Matthew Padgett, Jr - 225 pts
2nd - Kaylee Brown - 25 Pts

1st - Russell Oldenburg, Jr - 775 Pts
2nd - Luke George - 500 Pts
3rd - Kelsey Lamarque - 100 Pts

1st - Alison Colvin - 700 Pts
2nd - Tie -  Pam Earle, Christie Preston,
Lisa Brown & Tina Jones
  - 100 Pts

1st - Richie Van Kirk  - 625 Pts

2nd - Jerry Colvin - 300 Pts
3rd - Eddie Gatchell - 100 Pts
1st – Reel Music - Mark Hagen, Sr - 675 Pts
2nd - N-2-Deep - Kelly Burres - 625 Pts
3rd - Joint Venture  - Daryl Liles - 275 Pts


1st - Kaylee Brown  - 100 Pts
2nd & 3rd - None

1st - Luke George  - 300 Pts
2nd - Cody Strickland - 175 Pts
3rd - Peyton Platt - 75 Pts
1st - Stephanie Geurnon - 400 Pts
2nd - Jamie Burres - 300 Pts
3rd - Tie -  Candise Liles, Carmel Cunningham
 & Marcia Baptiste
 - 100 pts

1st  -  Kevin Baptiste - 725 Pts
2nd - Mark Hagen, Sr - 400 Pts
3rd -  Mark Hagen, Jr - 375 Pts

Don’t forget your nonperishable food items for the November Food Drive




November General Meeting: Election & Installation of Officers & Board of Directors & Holiday Food Donations

Tuesday November 17th
Social 6:30 and

General Meeting 7:30

St. Augustine Shrine Club
250 1st St

Next Board Meeting:
Club Business

Tuesday, November 24th at 7:00pm

St. Augustine Shrine Club
250 1st St

December Christmas Party and General Meeting

Saturday December 12th
Social at 5:00, Dinner 6:00, and Santa around 7:00. 

St. Augustine Shrine Club
250 1st St


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