2014 Ancient City Game Fish Association Junior Kingfish Challenge

To encourage the development and education of young people in marine awareness. This tournament is designed for everyone to have FUN and to teach fishing and sportsmanship to junior anglers. In today’s electronic age we encourage young people to spend more time doing wholesome outdoor activities with family and friends.

Our tournament has a kingfish division and a new inshore division.
  • Anglers compete for the largest kingfish in the kingfish division
  • Anglers compete for the largest redfish in the redfish divsion.
  • Anglers may fish in BOTH divisions on FRIDAY ONLY for the single registration fee notes below.
  • All General Kingfish & Backwater Challenge rules apply except as noted here: In the spirit of competition, it is the intent of the tournament to have the junior angler strike and fight the fish to the boat. However, since safety and a fun experience are of paramount concern, adult assistance is not considered a violation of tournament rules if personal safety, damage, or loss of equipment is a concern.

Both the kingfish and inshore divisions have 2 age divisions as follows:
  • “Small-Fry”: Angler must be ten (10) years of age or younger.
  • “Junior”: Angler must be eleven (11) to eighteen (18). No angler can exceed the age of 18.  All ages will be determined based on June 15th.

Registration is $25 per junior angler. Anglers may fish BOTH the kingfish or inshore division for their age category. Anglers MUST be registered by Friday at 7:00 AM. Juniors who are registered by 7:00 AM will receive a tournament bag at this time.

Junior anglers must present their fish for official weigh-in. Weigh-in is from 1:00 – 3:00 PM on Friday. All anglers must be in line at the weigh station at the Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor at the close of weigh-in each day in order for their fish to count.

In order to maintain safety all anglers MUST visually checkout with the Tournament Committee starting at 7:00 AM Friday at the Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor. Boats that do not have any fish to weigh MUST check-in by radio. The tournament VHF radio channel is Channel 72.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 5 anglers in each of the 4 divisions listed above for a total of 20 prizes. Prizes are limited to ONE per angler. If you place in more than one category, the angler will automatically be sorted to the position of greatest value. Awards will be presented at 5:00 PM Friday evening. Anglers MUST be present to collect prizes.
  • Small-Fry Kingfish Division
  • Junior Kingfish Division
  • Small-Fry Redfish Division
  • Junior Redfish Division