Ladies Tournament



DATES:  1 April through 30 April 2013


FISHING:  This tournament is for all  ACGFA lady anglers including Junior and Small-Fry lady anglers, it is an “Anglers Tournament,” anglers can compete against each other while fishing in the same boat.  Anglers must fish in local waters.  Federal State, and/or County fishing laws and regulations always apply.


SAFETY:  SAFETY IS ALWAYS FIRST.  Safety is paramount; Captains are responsible for the safe and legal operation of their boats at all times.


QUALIFYING FISH:  Fish that are eligible for this tournament are all fish listed on the ACGFA Year-end Board.  Fish must be caught on hook and line, and landed in whole condition; as always, state bag and possession limits apply.  In addition all anglers, including Junior and Small-Fry Lady Anglers, fish must meet ACGFA minimum weight limits to qualify for this tournament.  Weighing of fish that are not legal will disqualify the angler from the tournament. 


RADIO:  Captains are reminded that they should have an operational VHF radio on board their boat for safety.  Many ACGFA members monitor VHF channel 68, or channel 72


WEIGH IN:  Anglers can weigh fish at any local Bait & Tackle Shops as identified in the ACGFA Year End Tournament rules.  “Date and Time” on the weigh card should reflect the actual time the fish is weighed.  Anglers are responsible for preparing ACGFA weight cards correctly, and for mailing them within the time allowed by tournament rules. Junior ladies are also eligible for this tournament.   In order for fish to count in this tournament, each card must be plainly marked “LADIES TOURNAMENT”.  WEIGH IN CARDS MUST BE POST MARKED NOT LATER THAN SEVEN (7) CALENDAR DAYS AFTER THE FISH IS WEIGHED.  Mail weight cards to “ACGFA, P.O. Box 2001, St. Augustine, FL  32085-2001.


AWARDS:  100 points will be awarded for the heaviest; 75 points will be awarded for the second, 50 points for third and 25 points for fourth heaviest fish in each category The Marlin, Tarpon and Sailfish categories 100 points will be awarded for the first released; 75 points will be awarded for the second released, 50 points for third released and 25 points for fourth released fish based on time of release. The point system will decide the top three lady anglers. A total of $600 will be awarded; to the 1st place angler $300, 2nd place angler $200, and 3rd place angler $100.  Time of release or earliest weigh-in will decide the winner of a tie.  Awards will be presented at the club's Membership Party in June. 


PROTEST:  The Tournament Chairman will settle any Protest.  The Tournament Chairs’ decision is final.


ENTRY FEE:  $10 per lady angler.


TOURNAMENT CHAIRMAN:  Contact Rick Mackey (904) 501-2032 if you have any questions